Ed Auswacks (Producer/Director)

In 1970, Auswacks became the musical director and associate producer for the first live stage performance of the rock opera "Tommy", written by the Who, presented by South Coast Theaters in Los Angeles. This production had 50 live performers and dancers, and a rock orchestra. It played for one year.

In 1971, Auswacks moved to London where there he wrote Alice Through The Jukebox, a West End musical for Warner Brothers Records. The show, which he directed and co-produced, consisting of a 60-member cast and a full rock orchestra of 20 musicians.

While in London, and by invitation, he created a laser/multi-media exhibit for the Royal Academy of Art. He staged his first public performance of lasers and other special effects in 1972 at the Olympia Theater, in Paris, where he co-produced a show for the popular artist Vangelis ("Chariots of Fire").  The show consisted of 40 fully costumed dancers/performers and the rock ensemble created by Vangelis.

Returning to Los Angeles an 1974, Auswacks founded Laser Media Inc.  His first major client was the Electric Light Orchestra World Tour.  Since this first engagement, Auswack's company, Laser Media, became the largest and most , successful special effects production company in the world.

Under Auswacks directing and producing supervision he has created many internationally memorable events and attractions.
Among them are:
• Stone Mountain, Georgia (largest projected image and continuous running show in the world) 1982-2011
• EPCOT Center Lagoon Show at Disney World, Florida- 1984- (still running)
• Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas- 1987 (live show with fountains and special effects)
• NASA Pavilion, Sendai Green Fair- Japan including 3-D movie with live 3-D lasers and actors 1989
• The Cave Of Time, Woozland, Taiwan-1990 A 200 seat multi-media 3-D Theater
• Haw Par Villa Dragon World, Singapore,- 1990
• Lido de Paris 1991 (special effects)
• London Planetarium at Madame Tussaud’s-1992
• Park of Nations, Madrid-1992
• The Festival fountain for the forum shops at Caesars Palace-1993 (animatronics, lasers, fountains, etc.) still running
• The Front Feature for the Luxor Hotel, Las Vegas 1994 (water screen and computerized fountains)

In 1995-97 Auswacks created, produced and directed two major multi-million dollar spectaculars for Lotte World in Seoul and Pusan, Korea. Both of these shows incorporated theatrical lighting, mechanical props, magic illusions, indoor fireworks, performers, fountain effects, film projection, original music, and lasers. These shows opened in 1995 and 1996. The Lotte World Seoul show is still running.

In 1998, Ed created, produced and directed an outdoor cultural spectacular called, the Festival Park Lagoon Show in Bali, Indonesia. This show integrated the latest in 70mm live action film with computer graphics on a water screens, dancers, live pyrotechnics, and fire and laser effects. The show opened in 1998.

Ed also co-produced the Hong Kong Handover Spectacular Ceremonies in the Hong Kong Harbor in 1997. Auswacks sold his company on 1999 and returned to his home in Hawaii where he now is based.

He has worked as the “Chief Show Producer/Director” with Forrec Ltd. (a major international master planning architectural company) and consults, produces, and designs projects for their clientele. For example, he designed a major attraction for the Oriental pearl Tower in Shanghai, China. He has worked on the re-theming of Floraland Park in Shendu, China, along with creating major entertainment attractions for the park.


Ed Auswacks’ company has toured the world and entertained millions by complimenting live performances, and staging and directing shows with Ed’s art and technology applications.

Some of Ed’s world tour clients and Las Vegas shows include:
Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney, Neil Diamond, Pink Floyd, Ann Margaret, Ringo Starr, George Michael, Alice Cooper, ZZ Top, War, Def Leppard, Ronnie Dio, Black Sabbath, Holiday On Ice, Ice- Capades, Siegfried and Roy, Splash Las Vegas, Folies Bergere Las Vegas and MGM Grand’s show called EFX.

30 “Star Wars” Symphonic Concerts were produced including:
LA Philharmonic (Hollywood Bowl), Houston Symphony, Boston Pops, Chicago Symphony, to name a few.

Of Late:

• Ed is the Creative Consultant and Design Team Member for Neil Diamond’s World Concert Tours (2008-2011)

• Design & exhibits consultant/producer for Aquarium Project, Mallorca, Spain, opening 2012
(owned and operated by Coral World Int.)

• Producer/Director of “Hawaiian Legends of Surfing Stunt Show” (live multi-media stunt show, opening to be determined)


Ed Auswacks
365 Waiama Way, Haiku, HI 96708
(808) 876-1595